Research Interest

Social Media & Technology

Social Media & Technology

Political Communication

International Political Communication

Organizational Communication

Disinformation in the Russia-Ukraine War

International Communication

Misinformation, Disinformation

Community Violence

Digital Social Movements


Hasan, M. (2022, August 4). Social Movements through Social Media: A comparison of Bangladesh's Road Safety and Ghana's #FixtheCountry movements [Conference Session]. 105th Annual Conference of Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Detroit, MI, United States.

Hasan, M. (Accepted in KCA 22, September 17-19, 2022). Erasure of Ugandan Climate Activist Venessa Nakate from Associated Press: A Textual and Visual Analysis [Conference Session]. 91st Annual Conference of Kentucky Communication Association. Louisville, KY, United States.

Hasan, M. (2022, March 3). A Metaphorical & Visual Analysis of Gender in Al Jazeera & BBC coverage of Afghanistan after the Taliban takes over [Poster Presentation, 1st Place award]. In 21st Annual Graduate Student Research Poster Competition (pp. 23–23). Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, United States.

Hasan, M. (2021, November 11). In Cradle of a Nation and a Language: The University of Dhaka as a Site of    Bangladeshi Collective Memory [Conference Session]. 11th Annual Arts & Humanities Conference, Texas     Tech University, Lubbock, TX, United States.

Hasan, M. (Rejected from International journal of press/politics) Propaganda to Disinformation: Comparative case study of two cases by the Russian-Ukrainian authority in the war of 2022




Texas Tech University  Fall 2022

Research Assistant

Research Lab: Innovation Diffusion Lab

Supervisor: Kerk F. Kee, Ph.D.

  • Projects: NSF CI- Compass #2127548: An NSF Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Center of Excellence for Navigating the Major Facilities Data Lifecycle
  • NSF EAGER #2042055: Leveraging Advanced Cyberinfrastructure and Developing Organizational Resilience for NSF Large Facilities in the Pandemic Era


  • Recruiting participants, conducting interviews, analyzing interviews, and analyzing the contents.
  • Other tasks given by the collaborators, research group, and directors.

Texas Tech University   Summer2, 2022

Research Assistant (College of Media and Communication)                                                                 

Supervisor: Asheley R. Landrum, Ph.D.

Project Name: "What counts as science."

  • Coding and structuring the row data to excel sheet.


Texas Tech University     Summer1, 2022; Fall 2022

Lab Instructor (College of Media and Communication, Undergraduate level)

MCOM 2310: Business and Professional Communication (Fall 22: 25 Students, Sum1: 19 Students)

  • Hosting lab classes, conducting mock interviews, presentations, and regular class work.
  • Tutoring and mentoring students who need additional instruction and grading presentations.


Texas Tech University                                                                                                               Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Teaching Assistant (College of Media and Communication, Undergraduate level)

  • Assisting professors in their undergraduate classes in sizes from 60-236 students.
  • Evaluate and grade examinations, assignments, or papers, and record grades.
  • TA Courses:
    • MCOM 2350 Communicating in a Global Society: Director: Professor Lamia Zia; Fall 21, Spring 22
    • MCOM 3320 Media & Communication Law: Director: Dr. Randy Reddick, Fall 21
    • MCOM 2330 Media Literacy: Director: Dr. Emma Bedor Hilland, Fall 21, Spring 22


  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship.
  • Dean's International Scholarship Academic Year 2022-2023
  • TTU Helen DeVitt Jones Mass Communication Scholarship Spring 2022.
  • Dean's International Scholarship Spring 2022.
  • First position, Social Sciences category at the 21st annual graduate poster competition 2022.
  • First Position, Santa Fe Photography Contest 2022, International Office, TTU
  • Winner of Mobile category photos by Leading University Photo Exhibition in 2017.